Toward an objective scale of agency in digital experience


This project explores the relevancy of electrophysiological markers of agency, that is our ability to feel as author of our actions. It involves several measurement devices to gather data for :
– Heart Rate Variability
– Electrodermal activity
– Pupil diameter< (...)


Pipeline for Extending fAmiliarity in Nimes Using Transdisciplinarity



Attributed Agency through Grip Force


Hypothesis : Watching a musical performance triggers unconscious action simulation mechanisms whose amplitude could be linked to the level of understanding of the musical interaction. Former works show that the action simulation can be tracked through the grip force exerted by a particip (...)


Role of visual augmentations levels of detail on attributed agency

01/2019 - 01/2020


Because they break the physical link between gestures and sound, Digital Musical Instruments offer countless opportunities for musical expression.
For the same reason however, they may hinder the audience experience, making the musician contribution and expressiveness difficult to perceive. (...)


Augmenting the attributed agency through visual augmentations

01/2018 - 01/2020


When the collaboration between humans and machines happens in public, the audience can face difficulties in distinguishing the actual human contribution from the contribution of autonomous processes. In music concerts involving digital interfaces doubts about the performer’s contribution ca (...)